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Steve Buoey Introducing Boris at Denver Beer Co

We’ve been riding in Wyoming for almost a week now, but have been so busy getting tossed around by the wind, like two flapjacks, that we haven’t had the time to reflect on our Colorado experiences. But we finally had the opportunity to slow down a bit and think back to what made that week such a special one.

Colorado was a great stopover to us for many reasons. For one thing, Boris and I finally reunited after three weeks of him traveling solo and me recovering from an injury. It felt good to finally get back on the saddle and for Boris to have company on the road. Not that Nebraska’s corn fields were not good company. But sometimes it’s good to have a physical companion, because there’s only so much talking you can do with wind turbines and four-legged ruminants. Continue reading


A Test Of The Mind

posted by Anna
White Line White Line White Line

I clearly remember him saying, “You guys will be able to do it physically, no problem. It’s all mental though, that’s the hard part.” These words of wisdom came from Gerald, the bike mechanic who checked over our bikes prior to starting the tour, and the source of much useful info we’ve had need of in the last three weeks. But it wasn’t until recently that we really understood what Gerald meant about the mental challenge of this trip.

I’ve always wondered about the thought-process of long-distance bicyclists. What do they think about on long stretches? What could possibly be going through their head on their tenthhour of pedaling? How do they stay motivated, even during hardships faced on the road?

Well, this journey has given me a lot of insight into the workings of the mind during such trying times. Continue reading

Enjoying Dinner After 80 Mile Ride to Baltimore

Traversing the country by bicycle means slowing down. It means zooming in on the details of the sights you’re passing and having time to reflect on your surroundings. Slow travel makes memories more authentic and associations with places stronger.

This approach extends not just to how we travel during the day, but our choices for lodging arrangements each night. As a conscious decision to engage with more people throughout our trip, we decided to skips traditional hotels whenever possible and stay with locals instead. The way we are doing this is through a unique community called

Airbnb is a community marketplace that connects travelers and hosts all over the world. People can list and book accommodations online. The best part is that it’s open to everyone. Hosts can rent out their rooms, spare apartments, or an entire house, while travelers can enjoy a unique lodging opportunity. Continue reading