Our Bikes

Going 4,000 miles across the country requires a reliable, solid bicycle that can handle the task.

For this journey, we are using two EVELO bicycles – an Aries and an Aurora (pictured below). They are extremely reliable, lightweight bikes with a patented mid-drive motor that offers excellent climbing abilities on any incline and enough power to tow special bike trailers with all of our equipment and gear.

Aries Aurora[click on either image above to learn more]

The bicycles are powered with a 250-watt motor and a 36V10Ah lithium battery, which can offer up to 40 miles range on a single charge. Since we’re going to be covering about 80-90 miles per day on average, we also are each taking spare batteries to extend our range.

All of the gear and equipment is transported on two cargo trailers provided by Burley. They offer excellent capacity and are very easy and simple to tow with an electric bicycle.

For additional information about the EVELO bicycles that are used for the tour, please visit the EVELO Electric Bicycles website.