Route and Schedule

The Trans-American Electric Bike Tour is a coast-to-coast, 4,000 mile journey that begins in New York City on April 7, 2012 and finishes up in San Francisco, CA two months later.

The route was specifically planned to incorporate cities currently known as great biking locales and others better known for cars, traffic, and urban sprawl.

By traveling through a variety of different urban and rural environments, we hope to gain a better perspective on how people get around in all regions of our country and see how electric bikes can help people commute to work and enjoy leisure time biking in their local surroundings.

We will be co-organizing events with selected partners in many cities along the way. During these events, we will be hosting a talk and a presentation about electric bikes and our tour, as well as a demonstration of our bikes.

We will be working with local cycling advocacy groups, electric bike stores, and other key industry players to make each stop and event a success.

** Click here to see the exact calendar and schedule of our stops. **

Trans-American Electric Bike Tour – Route Map

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