[Road Brief] Day 46 – Boulder

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Day #46
Miles Covered Today: 34
Hours on The Road: 3.50 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,367
Where We Are: Boulder, Colorado

Day Overview:  After a very restful break in Denver, CO, we got back on the road to make our way through Colorado and eventually towards Salt Lake City.

During yesterday’s ride, we were accompanied by Steve Bouey from The World By Road Collective.

Steve organized our event in Denver and is actually getting ready to embark on his own 2.5 year, 27,000 mile tour around the world on a single speed bike! This epic journey will be the backdrop to a documentary he will be shooting about bikes and what they mean to people around the world.

We encourage everyone to check out their World By Road website to keep track of this upcoming trip, as it’s promising to be truly special and inspirational. Also check out Steve’s previous “vacation” — an 80,000 mile, around-the-world expedition he completed a few years back!

Onwards and upwards!

Special thanks to L.J. and Kelly, our Denver hosts for the past 5 days, for their amazing hospitality and kindness. Staying with you has definitely been one of the highlights of our tour! 

Next Scheduled Event: Fort Collins, CO Thursday, May 24th from noon until 1 pm at the Old Town Stage. See full schedule of future stops.

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