[Road Brief] Day 26 – Meet the Horses

posted by Boris

Day # 26
Miles Covered Today: 69
Hours on The Road: 7:45 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,491
Where We Are: Cedar Rapids, IA (route completed so far is shown above)

Day Overview: Long, but pleasant day on the road today. It was surprising to see that some of the smaller county highways in Iowa unexpectedly turned into gravel or dirt.

After the 300+ mile trail from Washington to Pittsburgh, this was the first time I’ve encountered that here. While bumpy, fortunately, it didn’t really slow down the progress too much.

That aside, the highlight of the day was actually not the cycling, but rather arriving to the destination. After all, ow often do you get to spend a night at a place where your neighbors are these guys below:

Inspecting the newcomer

Special thanks to a wonderful Couchsurfing host tonight in Cedar Rapids, Deveri, and the hosts from yesterday in Dubuque, Dace and Ryan.

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