[Road Brief] Day 19 – Arriving to Chicago

posted by Boris

“Waterproofing the feet for the day in the rain.”

Day # 19
Miles Covered Today:
Hours on The Road: 5.5 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,132

Day Overview: When we checked the weather forecast yesterday, it promised rain and showers in the late afternoon of today. However, the predictions turned out to be off by a few hours and the rain was in full blast before we even left out the door in the morning.

This actually turned out to be a good thing. Unlike the Friday of last week, when we got caught in the rain on the road, without fully expecting it; this time we had adequate time to properly prepare. We ensured that all of the contents of our trailers is enclosed in water-protective plastic, put a bag over the battery and the rear-rack, and even put a few smaller bags over the feet to waterproof the shoes. Last time, when it rained for 3 hours non-stop, the shoes got completely soaked, which makes cycling that much more difficult.

Once we were on the road, rain didn’t bother us much and we made pretty good progress. Actually, this was one of our fastest days with almost 60 miles covered in just 5.5 hours.

Tomorrow, we’re spending the day in Chicago and doing an event with iGO Carsharing (see below).

Next Scheduled Event: Chicago, IL on April 26th at 5.30pm with IGO Carsharing. RSVP here or see full schedule of future stops.

Where We Are: Chicago, IL (route completed so far is shown below)

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