Pass The Inspiration: 4 Unbelievable Electric Bike Adventures

posted by Boris

A question that often comes up when we talk to others about the Trans-American tour is where the idea for it came from.

We have to admit – we’ve had quite a bit of inspiration from others. There are so many people who are doing amazing things out there, and learning about their adventures has inspired us and made it easier to plan our own trip.

As we near the end of our tour, we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the stories of four individuals, each of whom has also accomplished an “epic” trip on an electric bike.

When we were getting ready to start our trip, deep down, we hoped that somebody would get inspired by the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour to do their own “ride-of-a-lifetime” – the same way that these fellows (and others) inspired us!

Here goes:

1) Electric Bike World Tour – Spanish adventurer Guim Valls Teruel set out from Beijing in 2009 to circumnavigate the world on his electric bike over the course of 3 years. Guim was a big motivation for us and has advised us on many matters concerning the tour. We’re very enthusiastic about his trip and the precedent that he’s set for others.

As a side note, towards the end of his trip, Guim married one of the reporters in Vietnam who interviewed him about his journey and then settled down in Vietnam and opened up an electric bike shop there. To learn more about him, watch the video below or read more here.

2) Tour de Sahara
– In February 2011, journalist Susanne Bruesch and German electric bike dealer Sebastian Plog set off on a cross-country expedition through Morocco’s desert and alpine landscape. This adventure took them on a trip of almost 1,250 miles over the Atlas mountains and through the Sahara desert. Towing solar trailers to recharge, their electric bikes have done a fantastic job tackling the varying terrain. Their website is in German, but you can download a PDF brief of their tour.

Tour De Sahara

3) 18,000 km Around Australia – Maximilian Semsch is a 28 year old explorer from Germany. He set out on an 18,000 km journey around the perimeter of Australia on the 1st of January 2012, beginning in Sydney and following Highway No. 1 clockwise. He should return to Sydney by the 30th of June, exactly half a year later. Between the two dates lie 18,000 exciting kilometers.  More info is available at here.

Max in Australia

4) E-Bike Journey Across Canada – Justin Lemire-Elmore spent one month riding his electric bike across Canada a few years back. He made the journey from Vancouver to Halifax in 30 days using a mere $10 worth of electricity to recharge his bike. He put together a rather interesting looking semi-recumbent bicycle to hold all of his gear. The motor controller, charge controller, battery packs, and lighting system were all his own design. There is no website for the journey, but he has an interesting 2 hour presentation in which he describes all the problems he had with his equipment during the trip as well as all the great experiences the journey offered.

Justin's Bike Setup

We hope that you’ve found as much inspiration in these stories as we did. And we’d LOVE to hear what trip you would like to undertake yourself? Whether a weekend or a year, regular bike or electric, all ideas are welcome and encouraged .. Just respond with a comment below and let us know!

11 Responses to Pass The Inspiration: 4 Unbelievable Electric Bike Adventures

  1. Phil says:

    How did the bike do? Mechanical/electrical breakdowns?

  2. Ed says:

    Anna and Boris, from now you are our inspiration!
    Your everyday informative and calm reports, your assurance that problems will be resolved by themselves (most likely by midnight ;-), your love for the Nature, belief in People and Good Intentions despite all hardship of that tour – that what will inspire readers of your blog (the future travelers) and make warmer in cool days and cooler in the heat of desert. Thank you!

  3. Boris says:

    Hi Phil,

    We’ll be posting a post dedicated specifically to your question within the next 24-48 hours.


  4. Jim says:

    Thanks for the great info and congratulations on your successful tour! Last time I did a tour was using manual pedaling… 🙂 I was wondering if you had a new link to the Tour de Sahara Pdf file. The one you have posted is broken. I am interested in the solar aspects of e-bikes.

    Thanks again, Jim

  5. Tour with electric bike is really very exciting and interesting experience. Many times, I also plan tours with my new electric bike.

  6. Interesting stories, . . I also did a trip on a electrified bike, but it was a trike, . . a Sun EZ-3 HD recumbent Trike. I went from Hatch, New Mexico to Saco, Maine. I had a 500 watt hub motor with two 36 volt, 20amp hour batteries. The motor was basically for uphill and mountains, and yes, . . had to pedal all the time anyway. I started out with a solar recharge system where I could charge either of my batteries with a flick of a switch on a panel in front of me, but before the trip I ditched the system due to weight. As it was, me the trike, and the trailer (Burley Nomad) weighed in close to 400 pounds without the solar and recharging system. You can see pictures of the whole system on my website under “disappointments”. The trike was amazing, . . never broke down, . . never even had a flat either. Used Maxxis Hookworm 110 psi tires with Rhinodillo liners. The trailer used Rhinodillo liners also and never had a flat. One other source of power I had for my trike was wind, . . had a sail also, but was very restricted as to when I could use it, but when I did, it was absolutely wonderful, . . there are pictures on the website of it also. Great trip, . . and I am glad to see others out there doing it too!

  7. Lillian Parker says:

    I have seen the EVELO bike when out camping. I did not ride it, but wish I had. I am planning to get a LUNA bike, and also planning a personal tour of my own. I plan to go from Houston, Texas to San Francisco, California. My plans are to get people to donate money for every mile I cover and the money going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Keep your fingers crossed, I AM going to do this if God is willing.

  8. Randel (Evelo Embassador) says:

    I am installing a Burley Nomad cargo carrier system to my bike, I am having trouble with placement of my kickstand with the trailer mount. Does anyone have a work around or a suggestion.


  9. Shaheer says:

    I am going to be attempting to cycle from Victoria BC to New York via Canada. My intended setup is a dual motor bike with 70Ah 48V in batteries. If costs become I factor I might just do one motor and 55 AH in batteries. Previously I cycled from Victoria to Calgary with 2 dogs in my trailer.

  10. Delores says:

    Would love to do some long distance travel,with an electric bike
    Am a 75 year old woman
    Can not find anyone that wants to do it with me
    I love that recumbent seat
    I. We’d that
    Love your comments delores

  11. Jose Lozada says:

    la verdad que son extraordinarios

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