Final Event of the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour in San Francisco

posted by Frances

The tour is winding down, with Boris and Anna scheduled to arrive in San Francisco to celebrate the end of the tour in a final appearance on June 21st from 5.30 pm to 8 pm at Mr. Smith’s.

City CarShare is organizing this event as a part of their upcoming launch of electric bike sharing program. Co-sponsor is the Electric Bicycle Outlet.

Here are the details from City CarShare (please RSVP if you plan to attend)

The event will take place at Mr. Smith’s from 5.30 to 8 pm.

The first 50 City CarShare members who flash their fob at our table in Mr. Smith’s will get a free specialty drink.

Mr. Smith’s is located on 34 – 7th Street (between Market and Stevenson) and is easily accessible via BART and Muni Train (exit Civic Center). Bike parking is available at the San Francisco Federal Building next door.

Please come out and join the festivities as Boris and Anna celebrate more than 2 months on the road and almost 4,000 miles travelled on less than $20 worth of electricity!

Meanwhile, if you live in Sacramento or Davis, don’t miss the lead-up events in those cities. Full details here.

4 Responses to Final Event of the Trans-American Electric Bike Tour in San Francisco

  1. Aaron johnson says:

    Congratulations on completion of your journey. I am picking up my new Aires bike this Monday. I ride the e bikes for health reasons, l have COPD. 58% of my lungs are no longer with me,”Saving you a seat in heaven”what my doctor tells me.LOL..I currently have a Pathfinder ST that has 1500miles on it, I got it last new last March. I very much enjoy the freedom my e-bike has given me. What a wonderful adventure you two have are having. Good

  2. Ella says:

    Ребята, мы были совсем рядом с вами! Жалко, что немножко разменулись и не сможем встретиться – отметить завершение вашего удивительно-замечательно-впечатляющего путешествия!!!
    Ещё не посмотрели интрвью с CNN – предвкушаем 🙂
    Мякой вам “посадки”!

  3. I’m still following you from Ann Arbor. That must seem so far away to you now.
    Patrick and I we inspired by you and are taking baby steps. Our first long-distance ride will be to Chicago (but we’re taking the ferry across the lake!). Thanks for setting a great example.

  4. Wow! That has been a great accomplishment! Good luck to any and all to do even ten percent of this doing – though with a Electric Bike it should not be to do.

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