[Road Brief] Day 49 – Laramie, WY

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Day 49 Map

Day #49
Miles Covered Today: 68
Hours on The Road: 7.00 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,435
Where We Are: Laramie, WY

Day Overview:  If we were to simply say that Wyoming is windy, that would be quite an understatement. We’ve been hearing stories from Coloradoans about just how strong the winds are in this state, but you really don’t know until you experience it first hand – especially when you’re on a bike.

We entered Wyoming by mid-afternoon.

Wyoming Welcome

We officially arrive in Wyoming

About two hours before Laramie, WY – our destination for the night – the wind started to pick up. At its highest, it reached speeds of about 40+ miles per hour. Although, by sheer luck, we didn’t feel most of it as it was all tailwind, which actually enabled us to coast at up 25-30 mph per hour. While moving, the environment around us was almost silent.

Wyoming Sky

The sky stretches on forever

However, as soon as you’d come to a stop, you’d feel the wind assailing you from behind. In those moments you realize that today you’re getting a free pass, but eventually – tomorrow or the day after – the wind will come from the “wrong” direction and will make that day quite a challenge.

Wyoming Wind

A chainlink wind sock suggests some serious wind is the norm in Wyoming

As we progressed on the road, the wind changed direction and turned into a strong cross-wind coming from the north. For Anna, who is riding the lighter bike and pulling a 1-wheel trailer, it was particularly noticeable. Every strong gust of wind would push her out from the highway’s shoulder onto the road and would require her to quickly slow down and get back into her path of travel. As for me, I’ve spent the last few miles riding in a “leaning tower of Pisa”  position – as that was the only way to counter-balance the wind.

Two Different Trailers

Two different ways to pull a trailer

With that said, it has been a pretty good day all in all and we’re certainly excited about traveling through and have the opportunity to see and appreciate the rugged beauty of Wyoming.

Next Scheduled Event: We’ll be in Salt Lake City on June 4th and hope to have a coffee meeting with local bike enthusiasts. See full schedule of future stops.

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