[Road Brief] Day 40 – A Mile High in the City

posted by Boris

Day 40 Map - Denver, CO

Day #40
Miles Covered Today: 43
Hours on The Road: 4.00 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,333
Where We Are: Denver, Colorado

Day Overview: The silhouette of mountains in the distance was almost like a mirage. After spending 8 days in the High Plains, there is a tendency to forget that any other form of terrain even exists. But it was there – becoming more defined with every mile that I got closer to Denver.

Coming up to the Mile High city felt dramatic – in part because of the changing scenery, but also because it marked a mental mid-point. “With over 2,300 miles covered, it’ll be all downhill from there,” we mused when we were planning the trip. Of course, that’s only meant figuratively – it’s anything but downhill after Denver!

As per our planned schedule, we’ll be taking 4 days off from the tour before beginning the next stage to Salt Lake City. Anna will be rejoining the tour after her recovery from the injury that kept her off the bike for a little bit. Her bike is already stashed at our host’s house and she will be flying in from Washington state on Friday.

As enjoyable as spending 24 hours a day with yourself can be, it’ll be fantastic to move forward together from now on.

On Monday, we’ll be participating at an event, The World By Road Speaking Series,  organized by a fellow cyclist and explorer, Steve Bouey. It will be taking place at 7 pm at the Denver Beer Works (details here), so if you’re in the area, please join us.

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