[Road Brief] Day 37 — Looking for Dorothy

posted by Boris

Day 37 -- St. Francis, KS

Day #37
Miles Covered Today: 88
Hours on The Road: 8.50 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,147
Where We Are: St. Francis, Kansas

Day Overview: People who have driven cross-country will often report that Kansas was the most uneventful and boring part of their trip. In a car, perhaps. There’s not a whole lot to see, so people will tend to push the pedal to the metal and plow through the state.

But on a bicycle, it’s a different story. It’s an incredible feeling that overcomes you once you enter the prairie. Its wide open spaces, big white clouds that hang right over you, and the lack of any trees and vegetation simply accentuate how enormously large the plains are. And as you’re cycling through the open road – completely on your own, with nothing and nobody for miles – it feels… quite incredible.

Next Scheduled Event: Denver, CO on Monday, May 21st. See full schedule of future stops.

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