[Road Brief] Day 33 – The Long Trek Across Nebraska Begins

posted by Boris

Day 32 - David City, Nebraska

Day #33
Miles Covered Today: 66
Hours on The Road: 7.00 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,832
Where We Are: David City, NE

Day Overview: Fantastic day on the road today. Beautiful weather, no wind, and little traffic on the road – what more can a cyclist ask for? If it continues this way for the next week, Nebraska may end up being one of the most pleasant stretches so far!

Too Long On The Tractor

And I thought I spent a long time in the saddle ... this guy's been riding a bit too long

An interesting realization also struck today. In the entire 30+ days on the road, I have yet to see any other long-distance cyclists pass me by. I certainly realize that there are an infinite number of routes that other people can take, but considering that there are quite a few people crossing the country or a region by bike each year, I’m still hoping to run into at least a  few.

I wonder if the majority of cross-country folks stick to the more established U.S. Cycling Routes. What do you think? Where are my fellow long-distance cyclists? Hello? Anyone out there?

Next Scheduled Event: Denver, CO on Monday, May 21st. See full schedule of future stops.

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