[Road Brief] Day 28 – Finishing Up the Week in Des Moines!

posted by Boris

Day # 28
Miles Covered Today: 57
Hours on The Road: 5:30 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,619
Where We Are: Des Moines, IA (due to slow internet connection, the map will be omitted today)

Day Overview: With the temperatures heading into the mid-80s, today seemed to be precursor of the many hot and sweaty days we’re bound to come across in the coming few weeks.

In accordance to the Murphy’s law, it  is also starting to seem that the number of opportunities to find a respite in the shade decreases at the exact proportion as the temperature increases. The entire ride today went past the never-ending stream of empty fields with very few trees or shade.

Only opportunities for shade were trees growing on the territories of private residences – hope they didn’t mind a lone cyclist taking a break under their lawns!

Tomorrow is a long-awaited day of rest in Des Moines. After that I’ll make a 2-day push towards Omaha, hopefully reunite with Anna, and then get ready for our week-long trek towards Denver!

Next Scheduled Event: Omaha, NE on May 8th at 5.30pm with Omaha Bikes. See full schedule of future stops.

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