[Road Brief] Day 24 – Through America’s Dairyland

posted by Boris

Day # 24
Miles Covered Today: 57
Hours on The Road: 6:00 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,384
Where We Are: Darlington, WI (route completed so far is shown above)

Day Overview: The day started off with an interview about the tour for the University of Wisconsin-Madison student paper. Right afterwards, it was followed with a talk and a discussion with the students.

It was great to be there and talk to them, and it was interesting to observe the difference in  views and perspectives that a younger crowd has on electric bikes compared to the folks we’ve spoken to in other cities. I think they needed a bit more convincing than others.

All was said and done by around 1pm, so right after, I got on the road and headed in the direction of Cedar Rapids, IA – this time, riding solo. It’s certainly quite a different experience when you’re on your own.

Your sense of responsibility and awareness rises, as you know you only have yourself to count on. Especially in Wisconsin, where the road takes you primarily through farms and sparsely populated areas, with few cars and people around, you certainly get your fair share of solitude.

At least, Stephen King provided some company along the way – in a form of an audiobook!

Overall, it was a pleasant day. Right before it got dark, I reached the motel I was aiming for – in Darlington, WI – and settled in for the night. One day at a time!

Special thanks to the Airbnb hosts last night in Madison, WI, Paul and Iho, for their hospitality and sharing their home. The morning smoothie was delicious!

Next Scheduled Event: Omaha, NE on May 8th at 5.30pm with Omaha Bikes. See full schedule of future stops.

One of the best parts of the day. Finding a random spot on a field somewhere and taking an hour long break for lunch. Food really does taste better outdoors!

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