[Road Brief] Day 18 – New State, New Time Zone!

posted by Boris

Day # 18
Miles Covered Today:
Hours on The Road: 8 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,073

Day Overview: It’s interesting how a 70-mile day now seems like a breeze, but today that’s exactly what it felt like. Perhaps discovering the joys of an audiobook also made the time fly faster! Either way, the 8 hours of riding came and went in a beautiful Spring day as we rolled past the hills and lakes of Michigan and into Indiana.

Towards the end of the day, we crossed into Indiana and for the first time on this trip, entered a new time zone. Exciting – although the body still needs a bit of time to actually get adjusted that.

As we arrived to our destination by just 4pm, we figured that we’d finally take advantage of a free evening and explore the beautiful and expansive Lake Michigan. One of those views is posted above!

Next Scheduled Event: Chicago, IL on April 26th at 5.30pm with IGO Carsharing. RSVP here or see full schedule of future stops.

Where We Are: Michigan City, IN (route completed so far is shown below)

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