[Road Brief] Day 17 – Crossing Michigan

posted by Boris

Day # 17
Miles Covered Today:
Hours on The Road: 10.5 (including breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 1,000

Day Overview: As we were tallying up the day’s mileage, it looks like we just completed our first 1,000 miles of the trip! It’s pretty hard to believe since we’ve just been on the road for about two and a half weeks, but all those long days in the saddle really add up.

Today ended up being a bit longer day than it would normally be – 10.5 hours on the road – due to the headwind that was present for almost the entire distance. But even with that, everything went smoothly. Next two days should be a tad easier with just 130 miles remaining to Chicago.

Special thanks goes to our Couchsurfing host last night in Grass Lake, MI, Jimmy, for his wonderful hospitality, great conversation and a fantastic evening!

Next Scheduled Event: Chicago, IL on April 26th at 5.30pm with IGO Carsharing. RSVP here or see full schedule of future stops.

Where We Are: Three Rivers, MI (route completed so far is shown below)

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