[Road Brief] Day 13 – In The Heart of Ohio

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Hi all! We know we’ve been a bit slow about updating our blog over the past 2 weeks. Our goal is to do at least 1-2 full posts a week, but as we are still getting into our routine and the general swing of things, writing on the road has been a bit tricky. That said, our blog schedule should become more regular in the coming weeks.

Meantime, we’ve been getting lots of questions from folks regarding where we are, how far we made it so far, and what our route looks like. So, in addition to our regular blog entries, we’ll introduce new updates that we’ll post each night (time allowing) with a few quick things about the day.

Let us know if there is anything in particular that you’d like us to include and we’ll do our best to do so.

[On The Road] Day 13

Miles Covered Today: 90
Hours on The Road: 9:15 (incl. breaks)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 790

Day Overview: Second day traversing through Ohio went well. We had a minor issue with the Burley trailer yesterday where the attachment came off on a bump and the trailer slid on the asphalt, creating a rip in the floor fabric of the trailer. However, it’s holding up for now and we should be able to address it on our next day off.

The terrain is flattening out which helps cover a lot of ground quicker. We have another 90 miles to go tomorrow until we reach Ann Arbor for a day off and a talk at the Earth Day celebration. Looking forward to it after a 430 mile 5-day stretch.

Next Scheduled Event: Ann Arbor, MI on April 22ndsee full schedule of stops here.

Press Update: A very thoughtful article was published by Mark Blacknell, the President of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association on Patch.com. Take a look!

Where We Are: Clyde, OH (route completed so far is below)

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