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Trailer in distress

Day #60
Miles Covered Since Salt Lake City, UT: 123
Hours on The Road: Lots!
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,995
Where We Are: Delta, UT

Day Overview: The theme words for these past two days have been: hot and windy.

Yesterday, we were struck with a record 100 degree day yesterday, in a part of Utah with little life and little shade to hide from the scorching sun. All of a sudden we were chugging water at uncontrollable rates and draining our sunscreen supplies.

In the middle of the day, Boris had another trailer mishap, where the left side of the base snapped and broke. It took a few hours to deal with the issue, again requiring some creative thinking to compensate for snapped aluminum support. We wonder what will be left of this trailer by the time we arrive to San Francisco. Continue reading

Boris at the helm

Day #56
Miles Covered Since Lyman, WY: 119
Hours on The Road: Lots and lots!
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,872
Where We Are: Salt Lake City, UT

Day Overview: As we were happily making our daily progress on I80 the day before, a thought entered Anna’s mind – “it’s surprising how few flats and breakdowns we’ve had so far, considering we’ve been on the road for almost 3,000 miles.”

Naturally, Murphy’s Law would not allow for this. So, without much ceremony, by about mid-day on June 1st, Anna rang her bell to alert me that I had a flat on the trailer. A little disappointed by the interrupted momentum, I climbed off the bike to check it out, secretly hoping that she was mistaken. But there was no mistake – the tire was flat. Moreover, a few seconds later, I noticed that the rear tire of the bicycle was also punctured – the first flat tire on the actual bicycle. Continue reading


Day #54
Miles Covered Since Medicine Bow, WY: 257
Hours on The Road: Too many!
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,753
Where We Are: Medicine Bow, WY

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 days since the last Road Brief!

We should be back on our daily posting schedule from now on, but first – allow us to take a quick step back and share how the last few days have turned out and why the writing has been so sparse. Continue reading


A quick update. We’re in Wamsutter, Wyoming. Progress is slower than usual because of very strong headwinds (quite a change from the last post). We’ll post an update as soon as we have a chance – likely tomorrow or the day after.  Tonight, we are spending the night in a truck belonging to a Russian truck driver turned friend we met at a truck stop … our planned motel in Wamsutter is sold out!

Guns & Gifts

Day #50
Miles Covered Today: 61
Hours on The Road: 4.50 (plus time spent on a breakdown)
Miles Traveled Since Beginning: 2,496
Where We Are: Medicine Bow, WY

Day Overview: Hearing loud popping sounds when you’re riding a bike rarely means something good. When the pop came from Anna’s bike about 40 minutes into our ride, we quickly came to a halt and got off the bikes to find the problem.

It turned out to be the tire on her trailer. We’ve been lucky so far with flats – we’ve had none on the bikes in the last 2,500 miles, but this was the third one on the trailers. Continue reading